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I specialise in crafting high quality, professional web content for 4×4 and Camping Equipment Suppliers. 

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What Others Say…

“Working with Andrew is easy”

“Working with Andrew is easy… It’s “I wish all my writers were on top of things like this” easy.

He turns in good work. He is consistently ahead of deadline. He’s responsive when I need changes.

And on top that, his writing is fun to read. He brings a vibrancy to his work. His writing hits the right professional notes without ever being dull.”

Heather Robson, Managing Editor, Digital Copywriter



6 Reasons Why I’m Your Web Content Solution For 4×4 and Camping Equipment

  1. A passion for off-roading and camping – and a passion for great content on your website.
  2. An understanding of what’s important to your prospect. Years of remote-area travelling, off-roading and camping – many years of being a prospect myself – enables me to think like your prospect thinks… and know what really matters to them.
  3. I know what your prospects are looking for when they search your website, how much detail they need and how to lead them to a sale. Case studies, articles, reviews, e-newsletters and emails establish trust and credibility for your brand.
  4. trained AWAI Verified copywriter. So your content will be the strongest it can possibly be.
  5. My Mechanical Engineering background means research, report writing, organisation, problem-solving, logical thinking, professionalism and lateral thinking are second nature to me… qualities critical to perfecting great web content for your business.
  6. More than 15 years of running my own industrial Engineering business, built around meeting deadlines, providing value for money, professionalism… and above all, great customer service. You can be assured you are dealing with a professional.

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