What Others Say

Working with Andrew is easy

“Working with Andrew is easy… It’s “I wish all my writers were on top of things like this” easy. He turns in good work. He is consistently ahead of deadline. He’s responsive when I need changes.

And on top that, his writing is fun to read. He brings a vibrancy to his work. His writing hits the right professional notes without ever being dull.”

Heather Robson, Managing Editor, Digital Copywriter

Patient and flexible

“Andrew is great to work with; he is always reliable and punctual, plus he is very patient and flexible when given unusual or unexpected requests.

I can always trust that Andrew will get things done.”

Kylie Bridger, Senior Product Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia

High level of professionalism

“I have worked with Andrew for over two decades on various projects. Andrew has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity and customer focus. Andrew has a broad professional knowledge and a very practical approach to design and implementation.

Skills that set him apart from others are his ability to problem solve through engagement of others, factual investigation and hypothesis testing.”

Robert Adcock, Engineering Project Manager

Best solutions for his client

“Andrew  has been a long term contributor to the success of our manufacturing site.

He has a great eye for detail and always focuses on the best solutions for his client. He has long been involved in finding practical and innovative solutions to our challenges.  Andrew has also consulted and trained our internal teams in his key areas of expertise.”

Martyn Frappell, Project Leader, Kimberly-Clark Australia

Always has a Plan B

“Andrew is able to break down a large project into small, achievable steps. He is thorough and always has a Plan B to fall back on.

Andrew always completes projects on time due to his excellent organisational skills.”

John Brennan, Owner, JSB Technical Services

Reliable and dependable

“I have worked with Andrew for over 8 years. Andrew is a reliable and dependable individual. Andrew’s strength lies in his ability to take a step back from a problem, then approach it in a different and unique way.

This creative out-of-the-square approach makes Andrew a ‘go to’ guy.”

Shane Gorman, Product Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia

Calm, professional and easy to work with

“I have worked with Andrew on a wide range of successful projects for more than twenty years. These projects range from very large projects requiring many months of planning, design and implementation to smaller upgrade projects in which the main criteria is successful completion within narrow time constraints.

Andrew is accomplished in achieving the required project objectives for both these types of projects with little or no external supervision and his inclusion in a team generally guarantees a good outcome. He has a calm, professional and an easy to work with personality and he can adapt to the changing demands that this type of work usually involves without becoming stressed or distracted and he can be relied on to stay committed to the task until completion.”

Michael Worne, Lormich Automation Pty Ltd

A respected professional

“I first met Andrew as a graduate engineer. Working with him was always a pleasure. His guidance and training on the job was extremely beneficial; generous with his knowledge, not afraid to get dirty to get a job done. Andrew taught me a great deal, giving me the confidence to deal with challenges and the opportunity to problem solve independently. A respected professional and a pragmatic mentor.”

Sean Spencer, Procurement Engineer, ARB 4×4 Accessories